Uncover the stories, the dedication and the passion that drives each one of Tasmania’s whisky-makers.


Bill Lark

Lark Distillery
There’d hardly even be a Tasmanian whisky industry without Bill Lark. After deciding he wanted to open a distillery, he overturned a 19th century law and legalised whisky-making in Tasmania. Not bad for a bloke who just wanted to indulge his love for single malt.

Mark Nicholson

Mark was a schoolteacher when his friend Bill Lark “popped the question” and asked Mark to join him at Lark Distillery. As the guide for Lark’s whisky tours, you won’t find a better storyteller in all of Tasmanian whisky.

Jane Overeem

Overeem Distillery
With her dad, Casey, distilling whisky in the garage, it was probably inevitable Jane would also develop a love for the spirit. She’s championing the brilliance of Tasmanian whisky to a new generation, showing that a good single malt is something everyone can appreciate.

Casey Overeem

Overeem Distillery
After retiring, Casey decided to indulge into his passion: making whisky. But what started as a late-life dalliance has turned into one of Tasmania’s most acclaimed whiskies. So much for a peaceful retirement.

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