Tas Whisky Trail

It's the people that make Tasmanian whisky special.
Discover these characters and the stories, the love and the passion
that goes into crafting every bottle of Tasmanian whisky.


Explore Tasmania’s whiskies, and meet the passionate people behind them.

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Lady Jane Franklin

"I would prefer barley be fed to pigs than it be used to turn men into swine."

Lady Jane Franklin, 1838
Tas Whisky Trail
Tas Whisky Trail


  • There’s enough peat in Broad Marsh Bog – where Lark sources its peat – to make whisky for at least 500 more years!

  • From barley and water to an on-site cooper, everything Redlands uses in its whisky is available in-site – making them one of only two malt paddock-to-glass single malt distilleries in the world.

  • Just how good is Tasmanian whisky? Critic Jim Murray called Sullivans Cove "unquestionably one of the world whiskies of the year". Not too shabby.

  • Sullivans Cove Distillery is named after one of the first areas of European settlement in Tasmania.

  • Tasmania’s home to almost half of Australia’s distilleries. Not bad for an industry barely 20 years old.

  • While it’s ageing in casks, a portion of the whisky will evaporate each year – this is called the angels’ share.

  • With the world’s cleanest air – that’s not an idle boast, that’s a fact – Tasmania’s the perfect place to grow the ingredients for whisky.

  • From 1938 to 1991, it was illegal to distill whisky in Tasmania. That’s a long time between drinks.

  • Care for some milk with your whisky? Hellyers Road Distillery is entirely owned by local dairy farmers.

  • It sounds trivial, but the type of water used in a whisky can have a massive impact on the final product – good thing Tasmania has some of the world’s most pure waterways.

  • The barrel a whisky’s aged in can make all the difference to the final flavours. Ex-pinot, sherry and bourbon casks are especially popular with Tasmanian whisky makers.

Tas Whisky Trail

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